1601 Broad Rock Boulevard # 103
Richmond, Virginia 23224

March 15, 2015

The Honorable Terry McAuliffe
Governor of Virginia
1111 East Broad Street,
Richmond, VA 23219

Dear Governor McAuliffe:

If trust and transparency are to be the cornerstones of your administration, you need look no further than Sitter and Barfoot Veterans Care Center (SBVCC).

SBVCC has refused to conduct business in an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and professionalism; instead, choosing to operate under a blanket of deception and secrecy.

One has to question the motivation behind such policies and practices—what are they trying to cover-up and hide? Why the refusal to be accountable and transparent?

Residents of a nursing home are not considered credible; they have no voice—it is only through the voice of the responsible party that they can be heard.

I am the responsible party. I conduct my own business and personal affairs: banking, taxes, social security, Medicaid eligibility, college courses, etc. It is absolutely necessary to communicate electronically to reduce confusion, misunderstanding, and to remove vagueness.

Memories can be refreshed with written communication—verbal communications cannot. Verbal communications leave the door open for uncertainty and conflict. Verbal communication allows for doubt, deceit, and deniability. Written emails open lines of communication that permit accountability, clear understanding, and verification.

Sitter and Barfoot is a high profile agency within your administration. Its practices are not only unacceptable, but an embarrassment to your administration’s efforts to regain trust and transparency in state government.

It is mandatory that the communication practices and policies of Sitter and Barfoot be reviewed, and corrective actions are made.

Robert Carr