The comments made by Donald Trump are indefensible, yet they were his thoughts. He has a right to his opinions and is free to express them. That is why the founders of this country were adamant about the First Amendment. That is also why they used the phrase, “We the people….” in the Constitution.  They didn’t say, “We the corporations….”

Intimidation, money and power are the favored tools of censorship. We cannot let the corporations dictate what we can and cannot see or hear. Particularly the communications companies that virtually control the flow of all information we receive ( Univision,” has the largest audience of Spanish-language television viewers in the world, according to Nielsen Media Research.”). There is no distinction between government censorship and monopolistic corporation censorship.  Mainstream media already caters to the whims of government as to the content of the information we receive.

We are entering the gates of the proverbial slippery slope if we allow major corporations to censor what we, as individuals, shape our opinions. We, as the people, have the right to hear and see what we think is an appropriate source of truthful information and entertainment. It is naïve to believe we cannot decide to boycott Donald Trump shirts and ties or not buy the products that sponsor Celebrity Apprentice and the Miss USA Pageant. Those decisions should be left to the free market and the people.

Recognize too, that media corporations have the right to choose those people they do business with.  But, they too, have an obligation to the consumer to present fair, objective, and occasionally entertaining content. All too often, mainstream media acts as irresponsibly as those of the ilk like Donald Trump. I find their actions as deplorable as surely as I would find government censorship.

I will miss Celebrity Apprentice. I found the program marginally entertaining and sometimes a welcome distraction from the usual dribble found on network TV.

Donald Trump’s words and expressions offended many people. Let those that were offended dictate the consequences without the help of controlling corporations. Corporations seize influence and favorable legislation through powerful lobbying machines. Corporations do not—and should not—manage public opinion or the creative process through intimidation and censorship. Censorship is censorship regardless of who does it.